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Hey I'm Ben, I'm 18, a Graphics Design student and pretty much in love with art, architecture and anything with an engine.

I want to be the very best..

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Graphic design blog

Doubt anyone will read this, but its worth a shot! I’ve made a graphic design blog to publish all of my uni work on and to hopefully get some industry work from it. If you know of anyone needing logos or anything graphics based send them my way!

Thanks to anyone who actually read this.

09.Sep.13 1 year ago


Typostrate Weekend Inspiration 12

  typography is always an adventure of creativity and inspiration. To find the right words and to design them aesthetically is very hard. These weekend inspirations are the result of a type adventure. Have fun and enjoy them.

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Momox.de - Einfach verkaufen.

25.Aug.13 1 year ago


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Now to play the waiting game. I have everything, just waiting for the URL to change from a .tumblr.com one. All I need after that I some clients!

25.Aug.13 1 year ago

The official logo. Can solid colour or pattern backgrounds. #graphicdesign #logo #designer #uclan

New Blog.

going to be starting a completely new blog so i can upload some snapshots of my future university work and my previous college works. would me great if some of you could follow me and tell me what you think?

21.Aug.13 1 year ago
Hey, I saw your work at WCC art exhibition, pretty sweet mate

Wow! Thanks man, you’re practically the only person to get back to me. Guessing you picked up a card then?

21.Aug.13 1 year ago

look at that angle.

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18.Aug.13 1 year ago